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Customised technology services and solutions

Powered by DigIT.

Get a complete single solution to kick start your business and cater to your tech needs with DigIT.

Email and Web
development solutions

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Establish a professional web impression with a domain featuring your company name

Simplify Your HR Processes

Powered by PaySpace.

Manage your payroll and HR more effectively with award-winning cloud-based solutions.

Simplified Invoicing Solutions

Powered by Breeze.

Simplify invoicing, track expenses, and manage customers with advanced user friendly features.

Automated Cybersecurity Solutions

Powered by Cynet.

Quick, easy, cost-effective cybersecurity automation with 24/7 MDR service.

About Standard Bank Marketplace

The Standard Bank Marketplace is a platform where you can pick and choose the right tech partner for your business. The platform allows you to match your unique business needs to software partners with a solution that is right for your business.

With the Standard Bank Marketplace, you are one click away from finding compatible, easy-to-use, and effective tech solutions for your business. Explore the range of available software and applications that enable innovation and will help you streamline your current processes to achieve great business outcomes.

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